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Monkey Wall Decorations

monkey wall decorations

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Monkey Farm

Monkey Farm

Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology – Orange Park, FL – established 1929.

It was later to become the Yerkes Laboratory of Primate Biology – and now relocated to Emory University in Atlanta, GA. since 1965.

This is one of the few remaining original buildings from the 1930’s – it was on a 200 acre compound. Orange Park had about 250 families back in those days – mostly orange grovers and commercial fishermen and a few farmers. The Scientists and Researches were looked upon with some amount of question and skepticism in the early days and probably vice versa.

In the early 1960’s I camped at Camp Echockotee, the huge Boy Scout compound, about 1 mile through the woods from “The Monkey Farm” which is what the locals had always called the Primate Center – it was a somewhat mysterious and secure facility.

Traditionally at the Scout camp there would be fantastic ghost stories told around the camp fires to the newer campers that a large and dangerous gorilla (or 2) escaped from “the Monkey Farm” and mutilated a horse found nearby, yada, yada – then later, the newer campers were sent out for more firewood and would be attacked by a “gorilla” crashing through the woods next to them. This usually resulted in late night washing of the underwear if not first aid for cuts and bruises from collisions with trees and other scouts.

The above building was originally a garage or maintenance building. Now two small businesses occupy it. One proprietor showed me her side of it – the walls are almost 1 foot thick. (Not so spooky looking what with the Christmas decorations, bows and holiday sparkles.

Another main building was at my back and is a nondescript industrial looking building, now a varied small business office type facility. The old security build looked fun and is now refurbished for a small business, but there were too many cars in front.

A sense of place is important - no matter where you are.

Byzantine legacy in Bristol

Byzantine legacy in Bristol

The side wall of the original city museum and library decorated with bold and exotic carving. Gutted in the Blitz the building still stands and is now Browns Restaurant.

monkey wall decorations

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